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Apple Shouldn't Copy the Surface and They're Not

Posted by Matt Birchler
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Apple has learned nothing from Microsoft's Surface - The Verge

It also goes far beyond the hardware fundamentals. Apple's iPad Pro ships with a tablet operating system that doesn't have true support for a mouse and keyboard.

Look, I get it that iOS isn't caught up to traditional operating systems enough for everyone to move over to it full time, but statements like the one above drive me nuts.

You will never see a mouse cursor on iOS (hold onto this for potential claim chowder, but I'm pretty confident) because it would not make the operating system better. It would make it more like a Mac or Windows computer, but is that all we aspire to with the future of operating systems? More of the same?

I understand the need for certain features right now, but I feel like too many people look at new computing platforms like the iPad and don't see them as the future, but as things that they want to turn more and more into the same old shit we've had for decades.

Apple's end game for the iPad can not be to just make it run OS X. Their goal must be, and seems to be, to turn it into the next great computing platform that we will use for the next 30 years. It will grow and advance, but it will grow in its own direction, and be all the better for it.