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Most Americans Would Take a Pay Cut for AI Assistance

YouTube as a Productivity App

Generative AI Podcasts Suck

17% of Twitter Usage Came from Third Party Apps

No One Will Ever Write Again

Tomorrow Will Be Different Than Today

Smash Hits Usually Start Slow

I Truly Cherish All Those “Rich Advertising Experiences”

Life Expectancy in the US is All Over the Place

Wikipedia, One of the Most Valuable Tools on the Internet, was the Villain of Truth Decades Before ChatGPT

Baby. Bathwater. Toss?

Access to Pro Video Editors Should Not Require You Have $300 to Burn in Your Bank Account

OmniFocus 4 was Announced 2 Years Ago Today

G.O.A.T. Watch: Miami

Find the Documentation on Discord!

Find the Documentation on Discord!


The New Tactic Sweeping the Nation

Mostly Correct is Still Useful

Florida Students Plan to Stand Up Against Institutionalized Bigotry

I Can’t be Bothered to Learn a Skill 🤨

Everyone Else is Screwed, but I’ll be Fine (or: The Answer to Every Vibe Check Question Ever)

The Windows 11 Trash Party

The Max Show I Have the Max Hype For

Loving a Good Satanic Panic

My 2¢ on the RESTRICT Act

Twitter Flexes Its Power Again, Crushing Free Speech

Yas, Code!

They Don’t Teach That in School! Oh, They Do? It’s in the Standard Curriculum?

Your Moodboard Might be Making Your Work Average

The Mastodon Vibe

The Sony Handheld I Hope to Love

Amazon's TV Troubles and Netflix's Continued Dominance

Chatbot Hype Like it's 2016 All Over Again

That "Let's Pause AI" Letter is a Mess

ChatGPT Will Hype Up Trump, Please Stop Reporting that it Won't

eSIM Has Some Major Benefits

It’s More Than Just Elon Who Gets Artificially Boosted Into Your Timeline

It’s More Than Just Elon Who Gets Artificially Boosted Into Your Timeline

What Was the First Thing You Asked ChatGPT?

Liberal Use of the Exploding Head Emoji Over Nothing

The Venture Capitalist's Dilemma

Off to Register Myself with the Florida Government

More Asterisks Than Expected

The Toothpaste is Out of the Tube

The Oddest A.I. Opinion I’ve Read so Far

My Year Of Dicks Should Have Won Best Animated Short

From Stereotype to a New Kind of Hero

I Use Mastodon Like I Use RSS

Tucker in the Group Chat vs Tucker on TV

WTF Was that Google Event?

When You Won't Admit Your Heart Sings

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