Listen to Chris Lacy's Excellent Podcast, The Blerg

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

It must be experimentation season for us phone fanatics, because while I've traded my iPhone for a Galaxy phone for the month, Android devs Chris Lacy and Francisco Franco have been giving the iPhone 6 a try. The two discussed their impressions on the latest episode of Lacy's excellent podcast, The Blerg. Even if you don't like Android, you should still subscribe anyway.

I found the conversation in this episode to be particularly interesting. It's a very level-headed discussion of the pros and cons of both platforms and the hardware they each run on. Although I think Chris gets a little off base with his suggestion that UI innovations like Google Inbox's swipe to archive/schedule messages couldn't happen on iOS (Mailbox) for iOS debuted these features over a year before Inbox was a thing), the episode is definitely worth your time. I especially love that they don't do the typical Android fan thing of saying "iOS is good if you want something simple, but Android is an OS for power users," a statement that has really never been true.