Goodies: October 20

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Super brief Goodies update today. With new Kanye West music, Tim Cook talking about the future of cars, and a new Star Wars trailer, I’m otherwise occupied at the moment.

I always put my favorite video of the week here, something that I think you may not have seen. I could put some other video here, but let’s be honest, this gives you an excuse to watch this awesome trailer one more time.

New games

  • Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate (PS4/XBO/PC)
  • Guitar Hero Live (PS4/XBO/WiiU/PS3/360)
  • The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes (3DS) - FRIDAY
  • Just Dance 2016 (Everything)
  • Sword Coast Legends (PS4/XBO/PC/Mac)

Links of note

Why Twitter’s Dying (And What You Can Learn From It) - Umair Haque

[B]uild a platform rife with abuse, and then turn a blind eye to it, treat it as a non-issue, and you’re already on tomorrow’s list of has-beens…you just don’t know it yet.

What really happens on Twitter these days? People have self-sorted into cliques, little in-groups, tribes. The purpose of tribes is to defend their beliefs, their ways, their customs, their culture — their ways of seeing the world. The digital world is separated into “ists” — it doesn’t matter what, really, economists, mens-rightists, leftists, rightists — and those “ists” place their “ism” before and above all, because it is their organizing belief, the very faith that has brought them together in the first place.

The Apple Watch could soon predict seizures, thanks to Johns Hopkins University - Washington Post

The information gathered from the Hopkins study will help researchers design and launch an app specifically for people suffering from epilepsy, Krauss said. That will give those with epilepsy a way to notify their loved ones automatically when they've had a seizure and to help individuals track the condition and, with luck, make it easier to manage.

How to direct connect an iPhone to an iPad to share photos and videos - iDownloadBlog

Today I learned that it’s possible to directly connect an iPhone to an iPad via a Lightning cable. To create a dual-sided Lightning cable, just take a regular Lightning cable and connect the USB end to a Lightning to USB Camera adapter. This, in essence, creates a Lightning to Lightning cable that can be used to directly connect an iPhone to an iPad.