Goodies: August 18

Posted by Matt Birchler
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Whew, what a weekend! My wife and I finally moved into our new place and it was a ton of work. We started the move on Saturday morning, and by Monday morning, every inch of my body was sore. Lifting, packing, assembling, organizing, unpacking...tons all happens at once, and it takes a toll.

Don't take that to mean that I'm anything less than ecstatic, though. I'm so happy to be in our new home, I just can't wait for my body to catch up to my head in appreciating this new part of our lives. Here's to new beginnings!

This week's video is one of Casey Neisant's daily vlogs. I've been watching these videos for the past few months and have really grown to love them. I know there are many other people who make daily vlogs similar to this, but I have found Casey's to be the most entertaining I've seen. New videos go up early in the morning, and they tend to be what I watch over my morning coffee.

New Games

Not much this week. Next week is huge, so save your pennies.

Links of note

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  • How is the Apple Watch doing? - Benedict Evans
  • Apple Watch Check In - MacSparky
  • Avoid the Feature - MG Siegler
  • Why I will never call video games a hobby - Eurogamer
  • The ethics of modern web ad-blocking - Marco Arment
  • Can Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre Save the Music Industry? - WIRED

Swag of the week

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One of my favorite chill bands is Teen Daze, and they released a new album this week. It's called Morning World, and you can get it from Band Camp for $10. The first stream is free, so you can give it a try first.